Duqina's Nordic Delight 

Exhibition results in 2017


Top winning Petit Brabancon in Norway 2016

Duqina's Lady In Red

also new Norwegian, Danish and Swedish Champion in 2016






 I'm so proud!!

We got a new Norwegian Champion this weekend.

Duqina's Indian Chief


Owner: Heidi Peat Araldsen

NKK Bø I Telemark 20.02.2016

Congratulations to Mr. Darcy and Heidi


Duqina's Lady In Red "Ellie"

Nr. 3 Top Winning Petit Brabancon Adult in

Norway 2015


Duqina's Midnight Rendezvous "Leo"

Owner : Alf Martin Stangnes

Nr . 1 Top Winning Petit Brabancon puppy in 

Norway 2015

Congratulations to Alf Martin and Leo!!

Duqina's Lady Of The Night


Owner: Marianne Marthinsen





Duqina's Lady Of The Night

Owner Marianne Marthinsen

INT Svenstavik, Sverige


2 BF CAC and R. Cacib





 Duqina's Midnight Rendezvous 

Born february 1, 2015

Owner: Alf Martin Stangnes

Leo has received 7 BOB this summer

I'm so proud!!



Nat Show 8/3-15 Letohallen, Norway

 Duqina's Lady In Red BOB CAC


Duqina's Indian Chief BOS CAC

Owner Heidi Peat Araldsen




Nat Show 4/4-15 Letohallen, Norway

Duqina's Indian Chief BOB CAC

Owner Heidi Peat Araldsen


Duqina's Lady In Red BOS CAC